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If you have a website and running an online business, but still do not get good number of visitors or regular flow of traffic to your site is drying up gradually, it is high time that you think right now. Having a website, no matter how good your site look like, is not enough in this time of cut throat competition. Remember when someone is looking for a product you are selling he is first typing the word in Google and when he hits enter there are thousands of sites at his fingertips and you may not be among them. So it is important that you improve position of your site at search engine result pages, if you want to grow your business. To help you realize why you should improve search engine rank of your website let us present some hard facts regarding the contemporary online business scenario.

  • As per GVU Users Survey more than 80% Internet users use search engines to find websites they are looking for.
  • As per Nielson Media research more than 70% Internet users reach the websites of their choice through search engine.
  • As per studies conducted by Forrester Research more than 90% of Internet users use search engines to access websites.
  • The result of Seventh WWW User Survey conducted by Georgia Institute of Technology, about 85% of qualified internet traffic is generated by search engines and 75% of search engine users do not look beyond the 1st page of the search engine result.
  • According to ActivMedia Research Search Engine Marketing is Numero Uno in promoting any E-commerce website.

We are sure that by now the benefits of search engine optimization is quite clear to you and you can realize where our search engine optimization campaign can take your business. We at Internet Web Genius are continuously working for our clients to ensure better rank at search engine for their website. We have already provided effective search engine optimization solutions to companies from around the world and from different industry verticals. We are proud of the fact that we have been 100% successful for improving search engine rank for all these clients and they are enjoying the direct and indirect benefits of our search engine optimization service.

To ensure TOP 10 search engine ranking for you, we follow some strategic methods that incorporate the following points.

Targeting The Right Keywords For Your Website - This is a very important aspect of the SEO solution and much depends on the proper selection of the keywords to improve search engine ranking. We carry out an extensive search for selecting the most important and relevant keywords for you that best describe your business.

On Page SEO Factors - To ensure better ranking at search engine for your website we optimize the pages including the Title, Description and Keywords Meta tag of your webpage.

Quality, Informative Content - If there is one aspect, which holds supreme importance to improve search engine rank, specially the Google ranking, then it is content. We develop quality and informative content, maintaining the keyword density, which is the most important aspect of developing content for the optimized pages.

Link Popularity - Link popularity has assumed tremendous importance for improving search engine rank. At Internet Web Genius we take care of the linking for your website before submitting them to various search engines.

Search Engine Submission - That is obviously the most important part of the whole SEO process. After the optimized pages of your site are ready, we submit the pages to the leading search engines targeting better search engine position for your website.

So, if you want to reach to your target audience and get noticed, get in touch with us, we are always ready to go that extra mile to help you stay ahead of competition.

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